Gaudís Garden, Part III: Casa Milà

It’s been over a year since the gardens of Barcelona sweetened my nose and the hot air sweated my back.  And I have procrastinated this last part of Gaudí’s Garden.  At least the last grand piece my travel companion an I have experienced.  I think it’s because I did not want the adventure to be over.  If I wrote it…or at least post it to the world, then it would be over.  And I didn’t want that.

But now…on the night a new adventure plan has been hatched, it seems the right time to conclude the garden adventures that were had in Barcelona, Spain.  And adventure cannot be over if a new one is beginning, no?

On our last day in Barcelona, we took the hop on/hop off bus to rest our beat feet. We had originally wanted to tour Casa Batlló, but fate had another stop in store for us. We hopped off the bus to find Casa Milà instead.

This was another Gaudí design inspired by nature.  The boney shell of the building’s exterior in the Eixample part of Barcelona beckoned the few tourists who braved the Covid risks at the time.  We purchased tickets to the rooftop, which was a short elevator ride to our first stop on the Casa Milà tour.

A 360 degree view of the city awaited us. Blue sky overhead. A few wispy clouds interrupting. If Mary Poppins was with us, we could have climbed them like stairs and explored the many rooftops within our gazes. Giant, guardian warriors of the rooftops stretched into the sky, protecting us. But not from the heat. The sun beat into our skin and coaxed the sweat out without much resistance.

After exploring all corners of the rooftop, and wishing we had done the nighttime tour, we stepped back into the building on the attic level. From the heat of the sun and into the belly of the whale.

It was cool inside.  Brick arches mimicking the interior of a whale.  A cool relief from the Barcelona sun.  We walked slowly.  There were models of the building to be viewed.  Handmade furniture and other items that related to nature to be admired and read about on adjacent plaques.  Pictures were taken.  But mostly the coolness of the space was enjoyed.  

The decent was next.  Rooms on a few floors below were open to walk through.  We stepped back in time to the affluent homes on display with their antiques for us to peruse.  Opulent furniture and servant quarters and chandeliers.  Modern (ish) bathrooms and lavish decorations.  The main features though were beauty and function.  Gaudí preferred natural light.

Some people actually live there. In that very building and they endure us tourists in the part of their building that is open to the public. All public and private rooms seems to face inward in a circular void that opens to the sky. Natural light.

Light within.  Light throughout.  Light above.  Nature and light that is Gaudí.  That is Barcelona.

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