Solstice Magic

There is still light in the sky. My eyes still register my surroundings without the aid of streetlights or a flashlight. It’s the magical in between. It’s no longer day and it’s not quite night. I feel safe here. If there was a body of water nearby it would also be time it glows. The birds make their last calls and I eventually retreat inside to escape the chill.

Soon the night will be warm as well.  I will frequent my outdoor fire pit and wait for the stars to greet me.  But tonight is only the first day of summer.


Goodbye to all the promise that Spring brings and hello to the reality the heat of summer brings.  I hope it will prove fruitful.  Perhaps I’ll long for the rain again soon, but for now, I eagerly await summer blooming plants and jacket free evenings long after the sun sets.  Paddling past blooming lily pads and eating berries plucked from native bushes.  

Summer is here.

And may it be a magical summer for us all. 

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