Sticks & Stones

That’s it. Just sticks and stones. And a measuring tape. And about 3 separate trips to Lowe’s, a bit of rearranging, a shovel, and minimal profanities. And Voilà! A garden bed!!

Ready to start this project for yourself?  Here is what you will need:


*12 planter blocks 

*maybe rebar to keep the blocks in place (I haven’t done this yet)

*6  treated lumber boards: 2 inch width by 6 inch height by 8 ft long (cut in half to make 12)

*A level(ish) area to accomodate the project

*A shovel and a level to help with leveling (not needed if leveling is not a concern or care)

*A non-rainy day, preferably, which is a bit of a unicorn in Western Washington this time of year.

*A smidge of patience

*A basic knowledge of Legos or Lincoln Logs

Estimated time:

*Depends on the person, distance from a home improvement center, hauling space within the vehicle, general funds, and the ability to stay on task.

Pros and Cons verses a kit purchased from Amazon (I also have a couple of these)

Pros: better quality and longevity than a purchased kit.  Also, bigger in general. The satisfaction of building your own bed. You can vary dimensions based on wood length and levels (stacks) of blocks.

Cons: You become your own two day shipping.  Or however many trips it takes you.  Also, the lumber yard is a foreign place.  Bring your passport.  Another con is treated wood may not be healthy for items grown for consumption.  If this is the intent, purchase a liner.


How many soil bags it will take to fill this monstrosity.


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but they are very satisfying to play with in one’s very own yard and garden.  Have fun!

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