Northwest Winter Gardening: Primrose

Northwest Winter Gardening: Primrose

Ah Primrose.  A rose by any other name just hasn’t bloomed yet.  Except maybe the Lenten Rose Hellebore.  I’d actually bet there are more rose-ish plants that bloom in the cold winter months, but I’m pretty proud of myself for knowing at least two even though neither is an actual rose.

It’s January and about 45 degrees and raining outside.  Pretty typical for the greater Seattle area.  Frosty mornings are still a norm and there’s still a chance of snow, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend it’s springtime.  The cheerful Primrose can aid you in your winter denial and, if the ground isn’t frozen at the time, you can plant these color pops.

There are a couple reasons why these little beauties are worth every penny.  Emphasis on penny because they are often under $2 for a starter plant that has anywhere from 4-6 blooms already.  They are inexpensive enough that if there is a cold snap and you “lose” a few, you’re not out much and can easily replace them.  They are readily available at both grocery stores and nurseries.  At Fred Meyer, you can get a latte, groceries, and Primroses!  Another great thing about Primroses is that they’re perennials so they’ll keep coming back each year.  They are also flower powerhouses and will bloom almost year round if you remember and take the time to dead head them.

So for the price of less than a latte, one can buy a calorie free (though I read they are edible?  Not sure on the calorie count), favorite colored (oh yeah, they come in loads of colors), year-round flowering (winter too), bit of cheer to combat the gray skies.

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